Thursday, 7 May 2015

Early Spring Boot Sale Bargains

Bank holiday Monday in my Filofax normally means one thing... time to hit up a boot fair! Bright and early, we headed to Pedham Place to discover some bargains. This time around, I didn't end up with too much... my normal haul will be about seven to eight bags full of vintage finds! Overall I spent about £12, and came home with a couple of bags of items, some of which you can find over on my Depop account (my username is dearwildflower) and a few bits for the house which I thought I'd share with you today!
Above is a barrel which is quite rustic and shabby... currently in my back garden there is a replica of this, only x20 the size holding what I hope will be a vast collection of towering, bright wildflowers. When I saw this mini barrel, I knew it would be perfect to either be a centre piece for the garden table or a great addition to the kitchen windowsill and at 30p I couldn't turn it down!
 I love flower pressing, and this summer one of my goals is to create and craft some flower pressed gifts. I already have one flower press, but since buying this one, I've realised a little collection of flower presses will hopefully mean I do not get bored and lose sight of my goal!
 This quirky little ceramic house was 50p. I'm not quite sure what the use is... I'm guessing either ornament or due to the hole, a honey jar? (suggestions welcome here guys!) ... I love the cottage feel to it, and after buying my first vintage teapot a while back, I knew this would make a perfect match in my kitchen!
And finally...  Boggle! One thing I absolutely love is playing games... board games, quiz games ...anything! I have a cupboard full of games (current favourite has to be Linkee!), and when I spotted Boggle, I knew I had to snap it up! I'm on the look out for Payday... it was one of my favourite games as a child!
& that's it for now. Generally I scour boot fairs for either vintage finds or pieces for the classroom. I'll definitely be out and about over the summer hoping to stock up for my first classroom!
Have you found any boot fair gems recently?

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