Sunday, 3 May 2015

Seven Simple Things

Seven Simple Things is my new weekly feature here on Dear Wildflower. It's been in my mind for a little while to create a weekly gratitude/loves/generalness feature, and after what I can only describe as a very very rocky week in my world, little things have lightened life this week, which I am more than grateful for! It doesn't matter how many things go wrong, looking for the right things can brighten up days, and I'm hoping this feature will highlight, and promote lots of loveliness and goodness, as well as being a fantastic way for myself to reflect! 

So here goes: 

1. I went head first and have signed up for Gala Darling and Ellen Fondiler's Miracle Worker course - I feel it's time to take some leaps and start investing in myself. The prep work that came through immediately after sign up, left me with a huge smile on my face and the Facebook group is so supportive and a fantastic community to be a part of! Looking forward to the next 8 weeks.
2. And speaking of supportive communities... Crown and Glory's Glitterati has been another source of amazing support and loveliness - I came home after a shockingly horrible day, to find a wonderful gift from my Spring Santa. It contained something I'd been meaning to get for ages to clear my head; a colouring book with a lovely set of pencils alongside some other stunning gifts (a post will soon follow!). Signing up to the Glitterati is easily one of the best things I have done this year! 
3. A Saturday spent with the cutest little kitten snuggled up on me and many inappropriate stories and jokes  that made my face ache from laughing so much. 
4. A Sunday spent wandering around the local garden centre, then filling our conservatory with plants and bright flowers, and starting to clear the garden ready for the summer. 
5. Bank holiday, lazing around with family  and clearing some much needed head space. 
6. My ever growing seventies wardrobe. 
7. Snuggling underneath my favourite blanket. 

What simple things are you loving right now?

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