Sunday, 31 May 2015

Seven Simple Things

Hello lovely folks of the internet... it has been a long time! I have been alike many other students right now, and have nearly disappeared off the face of the earth due to end of term time. I am literally so happy that this is the last time I ever have to go through a 'lets pull an all nighter to finish this coursework/essay'. The next five days are going to be jam packed - seven observations, one assignment, eleven folders to hand in; after that it will truly be time to relax, and catch up with everyday life and other goals other than my main career! I'm ridiculously excited to say, that in two weeks time I'll have finished the Blogcademy in London, which I am more than thrilled to be attending ... it will be the perfect way to start off my summer!

Anyway here are my seven simple things from this week:

1. Big mugs of builders tea.
2. Two trips to London, one to meet the lovely Glitterati girls, indulge in too much sugar and champagne and designing custom flower crowns; the other a family day out ticking some tourist spots off our Merlin pass to do list!
3. Winning the Crown and Glory Still Life competition as part of the Glitterati challenges ... it's made today a much better day!
4. Buying the most amazing 70s poncho/cardigan/blanket/shawl from Topshop whilst up London... I only went in to buy a bag...
5. Trying hummus for the first time... why did I not try this beautiful dip before?!
6. Watching trashy tv (ahem Britain's Got Talent) with my family.
7. Using my Instax and Polaroid at Kew Gardens, and spending the morning wandering the gardens... my last visit was well over ten years ago, and I'm amazed at the size and beauty of the place!

What have you loved this week? I hope you all have a brilliant start to June, and I promise comments/tweets/normal social life will resume during this next month!

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