Monday, 4 May 2015

Spring Favourites

 Today I thought I'd share a little round up of a few of my favourite buys from April. I have been well utilising my Amazon Prime at the moment, as most of these items are from Amazon! First up this mug was a gift, but I had to include it as honestly, when it arrived, I was so pleased with the quality. The set is by Heathcote and Ivory and costs £12, and it is full of gardeners essentials, as well as being a strong, sturdy mug to make a good cuppa!
The Art of Disney postcards I brought as I was putting together a swap package, and since sending snail mail using the RHS post card set, as well as sorting some new frames, I bit the bullet and added a Disney box to my collection. Really the question is, what to buy next?! (I wish there was a Roald Dahl set!)
Rifle Paper Co Notebook Collection : Rifle Paper Co are by far one of my favourite stationery brands this year. I have the A3 calendar which I love... My Pinterest board is full of arty RPC designs, and when I saw these notebooks where £9.99, they had to join my ever expanding notebook collection!
 I'm undecided which is my favourite colour!

 I also brought the Rifle Paper Co Botanicals Garland for £13. When the weather brightens up enough for there to be fabulous sunlight in my house, I have a wee project planned with these, so watch this space! 
 Ever since a certain song debuted on the X Factor, and then was released with one of the most awesome videos I have ever seen, I had the vinyl version of Uptown Special by Mark Ronson on my Amazon Wishlist for ages. When I opened my Amazon package, I nearly fell off the seat when the vinyl was bright yellow! It also came with a free mp3 version and CD which I gave to my sister.
Above is the most adorable set of lights I may have ever seen! This was a part of my Crown and Glory Glitterati Spring Secret Santa present which the Glitterati girls took part in! I came home on a particularly bleak day to a big box full of goodies which put the hugest smile on my face! I need to find somewhere to hang these over the May holiday!
 Also in my Secret Spring Santa present was a colouring book that I had literally put on my wishlist two days before, alongside a set of pencils... I sat down to colour straight away and was addicted so...
 I ordered another colouring book off of my wish list... The Mindfulness Colouring Book, . This book is actually quite small, which I would argue is perfect for a commuter! The patterns in both books are fantastic and so relaxing!

What have you been loving this Spring?

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