Saturday, 22 August 2015

24 by 24;

24 by 24 is an idea you may recognize from last year from this space. In 2016, I still will be turning my lucky number, however last week, whilst reading The Book of Brave, and feeling crazily inspired, I decided to sit down and re-write the list. Some ideas I had back in December, have changed, some things I have ticked off (qualifying as a teacher & attending the Blogcademy in London to name a few) and to be honest I needed a kick up the backside to achieve the goals I really want/need to achieve...

  1. Lose 77 pounds
  2. Graduate from university 
  3. Complete a marathon 
  4. Visit Las Vegas
  5. Go up the Empire State Building
  6. Publish an E-Book
  7. Get a tattoo
  8. Pass my driving test 
  9. Save money
  10. Have business cards printed 
  11. Volunteer for Crisis at Christmas
  12. Join a dance class
  13. Go up the Shard
  14. Have my hair styled
  15. Launch Etsy shop
  16. See Les Miserables
  17. Have a photo shoot
  18. Be wholly open and honest
  19. Start a Youtube channel
  20. Restore my dollshouse
  21. Upgrade my camera
  22. Learn a new instrument
  23. Buy a statement bag
  24. Learn that Pulp Fiction dance 

So I have 185 days to try and conquer as much of my mini bucket list as possible! Some tasks quite honestly scare the shite out of me (17 & 19 especially!) but knowing that stepping outside of my comfort zone will make me a better person is keeping me motivated right now! I'll be posting updates over the next 6-7 months on my progress of each, and when something is achieved, it'll be ticked off on a linked page, with a more indepth story of why I picked it.

What do you have on your bucket list? 

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