Sunday, 16 August 2015

Seven Simple Things

Sometimes I feel this holiday is going really slow, and other times too fast. I'm sure in three weeks when my summer holiday is over, I'll be opting for the latter! A good part to this summer has been being able to reconnect with blogging again. I have a huge backlog to be posting, so I'll be back dating then posting links over on my Twitter! After re-reading my Blogcademy notebook, re-branding my colour scheme and Pinterest and reading some inspiring books, e-books and even Instagrams, I feel ready to delve straight back into the blogging world. My seven simple things this week:

1. £1 market flowers.
2. Re-discovering my love for Pulp Fiction. Listening to the soundtrack again and again. Perfecting Dusty Springfield. Dying my hair dark, planning a Mia Wallace hair cut to go with it. Painting my nails with Chanel Rouge Noir and ordering the 'Pirate' lipstick to match. Saying 'Goddamn' a lot... I knew my parents brought me the record at Christmas for a reason.
3. Finishing Orange is the New Black (Ruby Rose is such a babe!) and discovering some new/old tv to watch, including Shooting Stars, which I'm desperately trying to figure out if I watched as a child considering my two goldfish were called Vic and Bob!
4. Participating in #Augustbreak2015 over on Instagram. I've loved seeing everyone's photos, and it makes me even more inspired to take beautiful images, and the conversations, facts and ideas I take away from this photo challenge have been awesome.
5. Tomato Soup, jazzed up with salt, cheese and bacon and served in a camping mug. My favourite meal and it's not even winter yet!
6. Taking Cece to Whitstable. After a tiny hiccup or ten, or a few aka nervous yorkie, forgetting my railcard,  it was such a relaxing day, and I braved the sea weed and swam in the sea, and absolutely loved it. Next I'll need to face my wild swimming fear!
7. Reading The Book of Brave in less than an hour and being totally emotional yet inspired. I love the way Laura writes, including on her blog; best purchase under £5 I've made in flipping ages.

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