Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Glitterati Party ; Anges Du Sucre, London

Earlier this Summer, Crown and Glory hosted a Glitterati Party exclusively for its Glitterati users. For £30 a goodie bag, your own custom designed flower crown and a chance to hang out with champagne, macarons and gourmet cakes in London... yes, yes and more yes!
The party was hosted at Anges Du Sucre... they make the most insane cakes as pictured above! 
The venue was decorated so gorgeous-ly. There were florals literally everywhere, which is always a plus!
Downstairs was the pop up flower shop. Each of us got to pick whether we wanted to create a crown, clip or headband, and then pick the flowers we wanted, and ribbon colours.
Some of the girls had an idea of colours, particular flowers and styles... I had no clue, so ended up with a multicoloured mix for my crown.
The evening went so quickly, and I had an absolutely fabulous time getting to meet so many lovely Glitterati girls IRL! The below picture is a group photo which I've taken from Sophie.
Thank you so so much Sophie, Gareth & all the other lovely Glitterati girls for such a lovely evening!

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