Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The World is Your Oyster;

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During our first trip to Whitstable at the beginning of the month, we picked up a postcard, delicious cupcakes (Mad Max is a winner!  and sea salt fudge) and Whitstable Bay ale. Planning a return trip, I knew a few shops I needed to re-visit;

Whitstable Lavender  is a shop I genuinely was gutted not to go into last time; honestly I'm not the biggest fan of lavender scents (Roses all the way!) however when I got home, and looked up Whitstable Lavender, and saw the wide range of gifts, homewares and bunches of dried lavender for £5, I was really kicking myself especially as I'm someone who loves flowers, both in vases & pressed.
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Bigger than my lavender pa-lava was not buying this bag when I first saw it! I fell in love with this tote, from its fishermans themed oysters, crossed with the Pinterest font and nautical theme. Note to self; never walk away from a piece crafted in a small you will not find it online. Lesson learnt! After speaking to the owner of Mosaic, she informed me that textiles and other pieces in the store are designed and created locally, hence why  I definitely was not able to find it elsewhere! 
This card design had also stuck in my head... 

... alongside this tea towel, which is nautical/sea heaven! It is too gorgeous, I have it laid out as a table runner instead of using it as a tea towel! What I would especially love to know, is if there are any must-see seaside boutiques that you know of ... if so let me know over on Twitter or Instagram!

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