Sunday, 30 August 2015

Seven Things

This week, and August in general has been a pure rollercoaster of emotions. From feeling pure happiness about a variety of different things, including my job and setting up my classroom & seeing my family, spending lots of time at the beach and out and about, to be completely brought down by the death of one of my best friends. It really is odd how things pan out sometimes and the day I found out was a day where there were so many reminders of her & all the times we'd spent together... and it made me wish that over the past few months where I had those thoughts and feelings, I'd taken the time to send a text or message, regardless of the fact we were in different countries. Walking past our favourite pub where we created so many memories to work each day is going to be so hard and all I can be is grateful that I got to know you for the past five years. Today's seven is dedicated to seven memories of our memories...

1. The first time we properly met after having worked together for ages but in different departments. This was our first trip to the Foresters where we drank Archers and Lemonade, and played cards, darts and the quiz machines. I'll never forget how appalling we were at the colour of money, or when the question was 'What can you do with a sausage' and you automatically pressed 'Ride It', which caused all of us to be in fits of laughter.
2. Our book that we wrote together during many sleepovers to remember all the funny things we and our other friends said. The funniest quotes were ' I love you but I'm drunk', 'I've got 4 nines and 3 sevens and I still don't understand why I haven't won' and our jokes about Kias Kebabs and Connextions.
3. Playing Just Dance and Singstar in your living room.
4. Our countless nights out where we both did the most fun and idiotic of things. I especially remember our karaoke night!
5. The countless boy chats we had. And how we spoke about how what one 'x' meant, watched Eat Pray Love and other girly films. How you remembered all the people I said I fancied, and had secret crushes on, and how you picked up on my thoughts and moods like a twin sister would!
6. Our holiday to Turkey and other trips out and about.
7. How you was there for me when I went through the worst possible time in my life, and you gave me advice, and got me on the right track.

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