Thursday, 31 December 2015

Fifteen from 2015

After reading Liv & then discovering Emma's anti bucket lists posts, it inspired me to reflect on the past year, so I've picked fifteen achievements from 2015 to share with you today...

2015 in a list:

1. In January, whilst on a new placement during my training, I gained so much confidence from my mentor, which changed my attitude to work, and having people take the micky out of me!
2. I went to Brugge.
3. I actually completed my teaching course, even though by February I had my resignation letter ready to hand in.
4. I attended the London Blogcademy.
5. & went to the Crown and Glory London Glitterati party and overcome my fear or socialising with people I didn't know irl.
6. Got myself down to the coast many times; Whitstable, Hastings & Brighton to name a few, and overcame a fear of sea swimming.
7. Went everywhere with my Merlin Pass, and went on the best rollercoaster at Alton Towers... 13
8. Tried lots of new foods - hummus was my holy grail, guacamole & cheese.
9. Dyed my hair far too many times, but did achieve rose gold (for a day!)
10.  Completed the Shine Marathon (without any prior training!)
11. Graduated from university and attended the ceremony!
12. Secured my 1st Job
13. and got recognition in that job, which made my confidence grow further.
14. Brought my first designer bag!
15. Visited London on countless occasions... Kew Gardens, Game of Thrones exhibition, the Disney Xmas tree.

I have a huge bucket list ready for next year, but as I close this year, I can see how far I've come from the anxious wreck I was last January!

Have a lovely 2016!

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