Thursday, 3 December 2015

Salt and Peppermint Bark - Lush Advent #3

Okay today, I've found a product which is an absolute winner in my eyes; as much as I loved yesterday's citrus (which applies to my beauty products as well as my cocktail order!), I love peppermint and salt even more! I was concerned that this body scrub wouldn't last long, especially after a few years ago, one of first Lush buys was Aqua Mirablis and a family member used the WHOLE bar in one go (I wasn't too impressed!), however this scrub I've broken up into chunks and one small piece, even smaller than a quarter is more than enough for one bath time. I used it mainly on my legs and feet, and at first wasn't too impressed, as it more or less washed on and off like a body wash - afterwards however my skin felt completely renewed! I'll be eyeing up this one on the website on Boxing Day in the sales! What Lush scrubs do you swear by? 

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