Friday, 5 February 2016

Hello again,

Soooooo, I may have taken a little blogging/internet break for a lot longer than I first anticipated. Post-Christmas, I had oodles of killer content, photos, stories etc to share and a shitload of events to look forward too.
NYE was spent dancing, playing games and laughing so much my belly ached, to then reach the 2nd of January to find out we needed to find a new home as our rental was potentially going up for sale and my hedgehog Kate, had a huge lump under her chin. 2 days later, Kate died.  4 days later we secured a new, bigger home, and 1 month later we moved in. It has been hectic! I've missed more, communicating, joining in with chats, and generally just being present. Hopefully, I'll play a bit of catch up with you all, and get back into the swing of this. More importantly, how has your 2016 been so far?

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