Friday, 19 February 2016

The Isla from Bloom & Wild

 I received some very happy mail earlier this week... some more flowers from Bloom & Wild!
Last time I opted for the Catherine which at the time was a hand tied bunch, but now I've noticed comes in Letterbox flower form.
 I was impressed by the delivery in so many ways; a. because it did pop straight through the letterbox so I didn't even have to wait in for delivery! b. the protectors on the flower heads to stop them getting damaged in the process were brilliant.
 I made a few vases big and small with the flowers. The one thing I love about Bloom and Wild flowers is that they come pre-bloom but still create a gorgeous bouquet before blooming. These photos were taken a few hours after the parcel was on my doorstep, and I know in a few days once the flowers are in full bloom they'll look even better.
 I got the Isla for a bargain £10 using a voucher code, and I have one for you here if you click through refer a friend.

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