Monday, 28 March 2016

Anti Gravity Easter Mint Julep & Chocolate Mini Egg Cake

 This Easter weekend, there were some busy bees in my parents household. For ages I had been eyeing up the Anti Gravity Pouring Kit which aids in creating floating cake masterpieces... after seeing Nadiya's amazing fizzy pop cake on the GBBO last year, when this nifty device came out, I knew my next cake creation would need to include this. My Nan normally makes a chocolate and peppermint chequer cake for Easter, so this year I thought I'd take a different spin on it...
Ingredients needed 
cake: eggs, self raising flour, butter & caster sugar or cheat's cake mix, cocoa if you want a chocolate sponge. 
icing: icing sugar - the Mint Julep flavour I made by dissolving half a bag of granulated sugar with water and mint leaves to create a syrup... the syrup I then used instead of water to mix with the icing sugar to make Mint Julep flavour icing (yes I know, sugar on sugar!)
decoration including nest: 4 flake bars, a Creme Egg, 3 bags of Mini Eggs, Betty Crocker chocolate fudge icing & poundshop box of chicks.
 This cake was so easy to bake and create; I mixed up the cake mix, popped it in the oven, then prepped my icing and decoration. For the nest, we chopped up flakes and melted a flake to then join the edges together, and quickly placed in the fridge to harden and set.
 When the cake was baked and cooled, you place the cake over the rod and push down to the base of the anti gravity set up. Then you can add the slanted rod, and decorate. I decorated with Mint Julep icing first over the cake. Next, I spread Chocolate Fudge Icing over the rods, and then stuck the Mini Eggs up the side of the rod. Then I placed the nest on the top.
 The cake looked good, and tasted bloody brilliant! Mint Juleps are my favourite cocktail for the sweet minty flavour, so putting this with icing is just a recipe for any future diet to go in the trash!
 So now, all I have to do is think of what cake to make next with my kit! I've seen a lot of sweet themed designs on Google/Pinterest, and a quirky beer design! Any ideas?!

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Lush Easter Treats

On the way back from my trip up to Scotland, I stopped by Lush Victoria to pick up a few treats. First up was the bunch of carrots bubble bar ... sometimes I find my bubble bars get used up really quickly, this one is the opposite; I can't seem to use them up! I've only just finished the purple colour after about 7/8 uses! I'm thinking a pink and orange mix next time!

 I've tried the Bubblegum lip scrub, and loved it. Mint Julep is my favourite cocktail, and so I opted for this lip scrub which is just like Matchmakers/After Eights!
 I wasn't overly impressed with the Easter selection of bath bombs, so I opted for Dragon's Egg (still going with the Easter and Egg theme!)
And these were the snaps...
I'm currently compiling a Spring Lush wishlist, I'm mainly focusing on getting my hair back in good shape, and trying to kick start my skin care routine again... I'd love any product recommendations!

Saturday, 19 March 2016

How to Make a Daffodil Wreath

 The two week break over Easter, or even Easter weekend itself, I find is the perfect time to tackle some DIY to dos. Scribbled in the back of my Filofax was 'make a daffodil wreath' and so to get in the Easter spirit, and trial run a table piece, I got working... this DIY was so simple and by far the easiest wreath I've ever made.
You will need: 

  • 1 round floral foam oasis (usually £3-6 depending on size) If you see my one below, I re-used an old one, which had quite a few holes in already! 
  • Daffodils - I brought 5 bunches for £1 at the local market 
  • Scissors 

Cutting the blooms for this wreath were so simple. I made a diagonal cut near the top of the stem (shown below) ... I am definitely no floristry expert, this was all trial and error, which actually worked so any tips from florists on this part is most welcome! 
Then push the Daffodil buds into the foam. I started around the edges from the inner circle and the outer circle. After, I filled gaps in the middle.
When all the buds were used, I put some water into the foam, and left the wreath flat on the table. I used mine as a table centrepiece but I would've left the wreath hanging, had it looked right on any of my hooks in the house! 
Above is just after I made it, some Daffodils were blooming. Below is the wreath two days later in full bloom. 
Looking at the picture now, I'm thinking I could've used less blooms, but I still love the look of it. The wreath lasted about a week, so perfect to make on Good Friday right round to Easter Sunday. 

Writing up this post, makes me want to get creating again, and I've got The Flower Appreciation Society to read after receiving the book for my birthday!

I'd love to know any floral crafts you enjoy or inspiration. I've been updating my bloom board over on Pinterest, so send me over your links! 

Friday, 18 March 2016

Kinky Boots at the Adelphi Theatre

A show high to see on my bucket list was Kinky Boots... after being introduced to the film by no other than my parents, the story, music and those boots were enough to keep me hooked.
I booked my seats through last and wasn't sure how good my seats would be, but they were fantastic seats! I also loved, the bar had Kinky Boots themed cocktails! The show itself was bloody brilliant, and I'd go and see it again in an instant! 
I came home with a programme, shot glass and I splashed out on a glitter t-shirt too!
Next on my to see, and already booked is Motown! I cannot WAIT to go and see this, the countdown until May is already on!

Thursday, 17 March 2016

An Easter Wishlist

It's been a while since I've done a seasonal wishlist, so thought I'd share some of my Easter favourites today with Easter being just over a week away. First up is this Easter Egg Wreath from John Lewis. In store, I have seen so many gorgeous speckled egg themed decorations, which I couldn't find online to share other than this wreath. Their range this year, is so lovely!
As I can't have a real bunny, I'd go for the next best thing with this Jellycat Bashful Bunny... and in grey, my favourite colour at the moment! 

Lindt Golden Bunny 1 Kg is high on my wishlist.... but I am contemplating to myself whether I could eat 1kg of chocolate, and how big could it possibly be? 
 Or a smaller alternative the Charbonnel et Walker Milk Chocolate Egg that comes with my favourite Sea Salt Truffles. After being lucky enough to get the Champagne truffle range for Christmas, I decided that my heart lies with sea salt, and when I saw this egg, I was sold!

And last of all, the Emma Bridgewater Easter Chick Mug ... I already have two Emma Bridgewater mugs, and have gifted too many to remember...... when I saw this design I was in love. Also, I love the new Wallflower print too! My biggest problem is knowing whether to personalise or not!

What are your Easter favs this year ?

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

F**k It Therapy

I'll keep this short, sharp and sweet; At the weekend, I had a little book delivery, with quite a big message in; F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way. I read the book in about an hour, which means it was an absolute winner....... books do not normally keep me away from multi tasking and doing odd jobs. The moral - to say f**k it to a variety of obstacles and everyday life.  I loved the book, so much I've been looking at their f**k it retreats in Italy! 

Friday, 11 March 2016

Spa Weekend

Late January, I went on a much needed spa weekend for a friends birthday. In the midst of moving house... worrying about the money it was costing to move house, work and everyday life I was frazzled. I was pleased however that this trip had been all paid for (for a bargain £100) back in October the year before, so I was free to enjoy the hotel for no more cost! 
The break was at the Mercure Hotel in Brands Hatch , which was a five minute drive from my house (unbeknown to me previously!). Included in the price was a spa treatment, twin hotel room, dinner of up to £20 off the menu or a set three course menu and all you can eat breakfast and full use of the spa facilities.
Dinner was lush... there was such a big group of us so loads of us had lots of different things. Above I chose the burger and chips for dinner (chips served in a bucket=brownie points!) and chose the Baked Alaska for my dessert; both were lush! 
I did however have to steal some of my Mum's Apple & Blackberry Crumble!
On the first day, we went and used the jacuzzi and pool. I tried the steam/sauna but having a cold made me feel like I couldn't breath! The whole facilities were fantastic, with beds to lounge on, powerful hairdryers in the changing rooms and complimentary minty shower gel.
Breakfast the next morning was gorgeous... I quite literally would go back for the breakfast!!!
On the Sunday, we had our spa treatments. I chose a facial simply because I'd never had a professional facial before, and the treatment included Murad products. Oh there was also a starbucks serving bar, which made the most gorgeous hot chocolate! I would absolutely love to go back again for a weekend treat, and for my first spa experience, I was especially pleased! I'd love to know what spas you've visited, because obviously I'm on the look out to go again now!

366 #3

March 6th - Lola 
 March 7th - Cece
 March 8th - My favourite childhood game. 
 March 9th - Daffodils
 March 10th - Birthday Bouquet still going strong. 

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Flower Pressings

 I have so many different multiple uses for flowers instead of throwing them in the bin...... making wine being my most favourite. Second to that comes flower pressing...
I'll be sure to share some creations when they are dried out in a couple of weeks! 

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