Monday, 28 March 2016

Anti Gravity Easter Mint Julep & Chocolate Mini Egg Cake

 This Easter weekend, there were some busy bees in my parents household. For ages I had been eyeing up the Anti Gravity Pouring Kit which aids in creating floating cake masterpieces... after seeing Nadiya's amazing fizzy pop cake on the GBBO last year, when this nifty device came out, I knew my next cake creation would need to include this. My Nan normally makes a chocolate and peppermint chequer cake for Easter, so this year I thought I'd take a different spin on it...
Ingredients needed 
cake: eggs, self raising flour, butter & caster sugar or cheat's cake mix, cocoa if you want a chocolate sponge. 
icing: icing sugar - the Mint Julep flavour I made by dissolving half a bag of granulated sugar with water and mint leaves to create a syrup... the syrup I then used instead of water to mix with the icing sugar to make Mint Julep flavour icing (yes I know, sugar on sugar!)
decoration including nest: 4 flake bars, a Creme Egg, 3 bags of Mini Eggs, Betty Crocker chocolate fudge icing & poundshop box of chicks.
 This cake was so easy to bake and create; I mixed up the cake mix, popped it in the oven, then prepped my icing and decoration. For the nest, we chopped up flakes and melted a flake to then join the edges together, and quickly placed in the fridge to harden and set.
 When the cake was baked and cooled, you place the cake over the rod and push down to the base of the anti gravity set up. Then you can add the slanted rod, and decorate. I decorated with Mint Julep icing first over the cake. Next, I spread Chocolate Fudge Icing over the rods, and then stuck the Mini Eggs up the side of the rod. Then I placed the nest on the top.
 The cake looked good, and tasted bloody brilliant! Mint Juleps are my favourite cocktail for the sweet minty flavour, so putting this with icing is just a recipe for any future diet to go in the trash!
 So now, all I have to do is think of what cake to make next with my kit! I've seen a lot of sweet themed designs on Google/Pinterest, and a quirky beer design! Any ideas?!

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