Saturday, 19 March 2016

How to Make a Daffodil Wreath

 The two week break over Easter, or even Easter weekend itself, I find is the perfect time to tackle some DIY to dos. Scribbled in the back of my Filofax was 'make a daffodil wreath' and so to get in the Easter spirit, and trial run a table piece, I got working... this DIY was so simple and by far the easiest wreath I've ever made.
You will need: 

  • 1 round floral foam oasis (usually £3-6 depending on size) If you see my one below, I re-used an old one, which had quite a few holes in already! 
  • Daffodils - I brought 5 bunches for £1 at the local market 
  • Scissors 

Cutting the blooms for this wreath were so simple. I made a diagonal cut near the top of the stem (shown below) ... I am definitely no floristry expert, this was all trial and error, which actually worked so any tips from florists on this part is most welcome! 
Then push the Daffodil buds into the foam. I started around the edges from the inner circle and the outer circle. After, I filled gaps in the middle.
When all the buds were used, I put some water into the foam, and left the wreath flat on the table. I used mine as a table centrepiece but I would've left the wreath hanging, had it looked right on any of my hooks in the house! 
Above is just after I made it, some Daffodils were blooming. Below is the wreath two days later in full bloom. 
Looking at the picture now, I'm thinking I could've used less blooms, but I still love the look of it. The wreath lasted about a week, so perfect to make on Good Friday right round to Easter Sunday. 

Writing up this post, makes me want to get creating again, and I've got The Flower Appreciation Society to read after receiving the book for my birthday!

I'd love to know any floral crafts you enjoy or inspiration. I've been updating my bloom board over on Pinterest, so send me over your links! 

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