Sunday, 20 March 2016

Lush Easter Treats

On the way back from my trip up to Scotland, I stopped by Lush Victoria to pick up a few treats. First up was the bunch of carrots bubble bar ... sometimes I find my bubble bars get used up really quickly, this one is the opposite; I can't seem to use them up! I've only just finished the purple colour after about 7/8 uses! I'm thinking a pink and orange mix next time!

 I've tried the Bubblegum lip scrub, and loved it. Mint Julep is my favourite cocktail, and so I opted for this lip scrub which is just like Matchmakers/After Eights!
 I wasn't overly impressed with the Easter selection of bath bombs, so I opted for Dragon's Egg (still going with the Easter and Egg theme!)
And these were the snaps...
I'm currently compiling a Spring Lush wishlist, I'm mainly focusing on getting my hair back in good shape, and trying to kick start my skin care routine again... I'd love any product recommendations!
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