Saturday, 30 April 2016

Six Years Blogging

Being bank holiday weekend, this is normally the perfect time for me to catch up on admin, blogging as well as life. So I thought I'd have a browse on my old blog Sitting Pretty, and found the stats page..... then I noticed May 2010 in the corner... 

I started venturing into the blogging world 6 years ago. Six years! It doesn't even feel real that it has been that long. And it makes me wonder where has all that time gone? 
 Thinking back to 6 years ago, this blog has come a long way since then to name a few things;

♥ Changing and rebranding twice beginning as Sitting Pretty, then Dear Wildflower, to now simply The Wildflower.

♥ Having a completely new blog design - honestly what I'm unsure how I put up with my old design for so long! DIY as an amateur simply wasn't for me... paying someone to install a template custom designed is the way forward!
♥ Socially I've pushed myself to do things I normally wouldn't do being a introvert. Going to the Blogcademy (as pictured above), Glitterati Parties & Blogstock were all huge events that 18 year old me would've been really scared of going... the thought of talking to people I didn't know used to be really scary! As a result of pushing myself socially, I've also made some lifelong friends from the blogging community.

♥  The opportunities my blog has opened up for me is ever growing, and I love that I get to have an insight to lots of exciting projects and events.

♥ I also think, blogging has opened me up and helped me grow to become a much better person. I consider travel to be a priority and making memories to be the #1 priority. Being exposed to Pinterest, Instagram and all the wonderful blogs out there made me realise how much of a big wide world there was and how easy adventures are to find and create. 

Looking ahead, I'm feeling positive about the direction of this blog, and feel so ready to grow this blog into the brand I want it to become. I've got lots of exciting plans lined up to see me through the year, and hopefully by the time I've been blogging for 7 years, I'll have ticked many more blogging goals off of my blog section of my bucket list. Now I think it's time for a celebratory Kir Royale! 

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway on Monday! 

Friday, 29 April 2016

The Blogcademy London 2015

All images from Sarah Kuszelewicz Photography - 

In June, last year I ticked a huge something something off of my 24 before 24 list, which was to attend The Blogcademy. After attending the Blogcademy Mixer the previous year (catch up on those posts here & here) and hearing the postive reviews from graduate Blogcadettes both in person and online, I decided to invest money and time in myself and book myself a place. And honestly it was the best £500 I've ever spent.  
The Blogcademy was held at Curtain Road Studios in Shoreditch over the weekend. Everything about Shoreditch is so bright & cool, it was the perfect location. 
Awaiting our arrival was our goodie bags and inside was packed full gifts from a variety of sponsors; Crown & Glory ears (to add to my ever growing collection!), a Veronica Dearly desk pad which has a quirkier approach to checking off my to dos, Anges De Sucre marshmallowsFrilly Industries 'My Blog Name Is' badges, pencils by Oh Squirrel & Momiji dolls - I got the burger one which I was super happy about!
Not forgetting the Blogcademy branded goodies... our workbook was inside the bag, which had lots of useful exercises in, alongside our Blogcademy travel mug!
Decor was provided by Bespoke Bride - the decor was so fantastic and colourful, which I think you can grasp from their website... you should check out the printables section, they have so many pretty & useful pages! 

When I arrived, I recognised a familiar face straight away; I knew Sarah from us both being a part of The Glitterati run by the lovely Sophie from Crown & Glory (who was also there, helping out on the day!), and then got chatting to Wendy,  Ellie & lots of other lovely Blogcadettes.

The day started with introductions from everyone, where we all shared a fun fact or story about ourselves. Then we worked through lots of different lessons, each run by one of the headmistresses based on everything from inspiration to branding.

Throughout the whole weekend, it felt like I didn't stop writing - I actually think I tweeted that I'd wrote more notes during the Blogcademy weekend than I did during my whole 3 years completing my law degree... the knowledge, advice and experiences from Kat, Shauna & Gala were so useful, and I felt like I needed to get every last note down.

Obviously this post is a little overdue, but I feel like this works in the favour of me being able to see how much attending the Blogcademy has helped my blog - throughout the last 10 months, whenever I've been stuck in a blogging rut, or not sure what to do next, I check back through all the notes made, and I'll discover a new angle each time I re-read them. Over the years I've read many blogging e-courses, bookmarked advice posts and images, but my notebook of notes I always refer back to. 

Spot my ginger hair & ears! 

On Day 2, the highlight of the day had to be the confetti cannon. Here's the group photo before...
& after...

And then the confetti was used to create gorgeous looking photographs... after seeing these, I've decided for my next party/shoot I'm buying confetti cannons to play around with! 

As a part of the Blogcademy, I also received a report card with strengths and weaknesses. It was crazy to read some feedback about my blog, as after I read it, I was surprised at the strengths, such as the quality of content etc, and one of the weaknesses was lack of photos of myself on my blog, which was something I'd never realised until reading the card. I always assumed when I was photographing and blogging about events, I was including pictures with me in, but it's easy to think you are including something, when actually it's not coming across how you thought! 

someone get me that camera! 

This was my photograph with Gala, Kat & Shauna. After the professional shot, we took some selfies...
The Blogcademy was so much fun, and such a worthwhile experience. From that day, I had this new found confidence in myself, and took a lot more chances. The content from a blogging/business side of view was fantastic, and I'd wholeheartedly recommend if you haven't been able to make their previous classes, you have a look at their online course which has all the content from the weekend! From a social point of view, it was so lovely to hang out with like-minded ladies!

Kew Gardens ; Spring

This year I want to make it my goal to visit Kew Gardens in every season. Summer is around the corner (even though it keeps randomly snowing whenever it bloody well likes!), so I thought now would be the perfect time to show some snaps of my Spring trip to Kew. 
I absolutely adored all the bright colours of Spring. 
 A little #fromwhereIstand shot, right after I'd scuffed my shoes 10minutes walking in... damn Primark!
Gypsophilia is one of my favourite flowers. 
Woodland walking...
& the Rock Gardens. 
Could this technically be a garden goal? Or a bit too extravagant! 
Love the Daisies... I wish I could grow a garden full of Daisies!
I loved exploring Kew in the Springtime. Now roll on to the Summer... add me on Snapchat @wildflowerhq to spot when I go next! Any top times to go would be most appreciated? As you can tell, I'm not Alan Titchmarsh (yet!) 

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