Friday, 1 April 2016

30 Day Minimalism Game

Warning: This post contains many photos of a very messy room and a fed up Cece! 
Okay so I have a confession: I am a hoarder. And I mean a diabolical hoarder. So I came across a tweet earlier this week about #MinsGame. Every day you have to get rid of a certain amount of items in your house dependant on what date is. 
 On the 1st you get rid of 1 item, the 2nd 2 items, the 3rd 3 items and so on...
 I decided to join in, in the spirit of Spring Cleaning and giving Minimalism a try! I took these photos at the moment I found out what #MinsGame was... I have so much crap it is unreal.... I mean looking at the above photo, I have out of date store cards, vouchers, broken jewellery, a misshaped hair band.... and this is one surface in my entire house! Since moving, the house in general is a lot tidier with a lot of space for everything. But I'm far from being a person who could live out of a suitcase (or ten!)
 So, I'm on a mission to de-clutter, in the hope it'll make me happier, and my house look a lot nicer. You can follow along over on Instagram/Twitter, and check out the hashtag #MinsGame. As well as this, I'm going to try and be on a spending ban for the month of April, to help fund some of my summer holidays!

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