Friday, 29 April 2016

Kew Gardens ; Spring

This year I want to make it my goal to visit Kew Gardens in every season. Summer is around the corner (even though it keeps randomly snowing whenever it bloody well likes!), so I thought now would be the perfect time to show some snaps of my Spring trip to Kew. 
I absolutely adored all the bright colours of Spring. 
 A little #fromwhereIstand shot, right after I'd scuffed my shoes 10minutes walking in... damn Primark!
Gypsophilia is one of my favourite flowers. 
Woodland walking...
& the Rock Gardens. 
Could this technically be a garden goal? Or a bit too extravagant! 
Love the Daisies... I wish I could grow a garden full of Daisies!
I loved exploring Kew in the Springtime. Now roll on to the Summer... add me on Snapchat @wildflowerhq to spot when I go next! Any top times to go would be most appreciated? As you can tell, I'm not Alan Titchmarsh (yet!) 

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