Saturday, 30 April 2016

Six Years Blogging

Being bank holiday weekend, this is normally the perfect time for me to catch up on admin, blogging as well as life. So I thought I'd have a browse on my old blog Sitting Pretty, and found the stats page..... then I noticed May 2010 in the corner... 

I started venturing into the blogging world 6 years ago. Six years! It doesn't even feel real that it has been that long. And it makes me wonder where has all that time gone? 
 Thinking back to 6 years ago, this blog has come a long way since then to name a few things;

♥ Changing and rebranding twice beginning as Sitting Pretty, then Dear Wildflower, to now simply The Wildflower.

♥ Having a completely new blog design - honestly what I'm unsure how I put up with my old design for so long! DIY as an amateur simply wasn't for me... paying someone to install a template custom designed is the way forward!
♥ Socially I've pushed myself to do things I normally wouldn't do being a introvert. Going to the Blogcademy (as pictured above), Glitterati Parties & Blogstock were all huge events that 18 year old me would've been really scared of going... the thought of talking to people I didn't know used to be really scary! As a result of pushing myself socially, I've also made some lifelong friends from the blogging community.

♥  The opportunities my blog has opened up for me is ever growing, and I love that I get to have an insight to lots of exciting projects and events.

♥ I also think, blogging has opened me up and helped me grow to become a much better person. I consider travel to be a priority and making memories to be the #1 priority. Being exposed to Pinterest, Instagram and all the wonderful blogs out there made me realise how much of a big wide world there was and how easy adventures are to find and create. 

Looking ahead, I'm feeling positive about the direction of this blog, and feel so ready to grow this blog into the brand I want it to become. I've got lots of exciting plans lined up to see me through the year, and hopefully by the time I've been blogging for 7 years, I'll have ticked many more blogging goals off of my blog section of my bucket list. Now I think it's time for a celebratory Kir Royale! 

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway on Monday! 
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