Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Disneyland Paris in Spring

I knew I'd be visiting Disney at some point this year, however when I spied bright colourful topiaries of my favourite characters and spring themed parades, I knew Spring had to be top of the list. 
We was extremely lucky as we arrived an hour early and ended up being front of the general queue to get in, and was let in 30 minutes earlier than we expected! 
We headed straight for Disneyland Park and walked down Main Street. 

 There were hanging baskets lining the streets full of daisies and bright flowers.

Then we were face to face with Sleeping Beauty's castle. The rides opened at 10am, so as it was 9:30am, I took the opportunity to take some polaroids and photographs of the castle & flowers. 

 On my way to Space Mountain, I spotted a cast member holding loads of Minnie Balloons ... I was obviously eyeing them up for later!

The sun was so hot... being in dark colours was not ideal! It was lovely though and felt like being out of England, we was on holiday for the day! The whole park was beautiful, and I loved all the flowers and decor! 
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