Friday, 27 May 2016

Disneyland Paris Souvenirs

For my spending money I changed up £150 worth of Euros... I had some ideas of souvenirs that I wanted, including a Minnie Mouse Balloon, but didn't go looking for anything specific. We collect postcards so we picked a Disney postcard for 2 euros with Mickey, Minnie & the Gang in. We picked up a magnet for family too which was 4 euros. I'd really liked the castle magnet but it was made out of a horrible material (I wish it was like an ornamental magnet instead of plastic!) 
My parents looked after Cece whilst we was away for the weekend, and from remembering Disney trips with my Mum when I was younger, she always had Minnie Mouse key rings. Even though she said not to buy her anything, when I saw this keyring, I knew I had to buy it. Luckily they had a Marvel range, and so picked up Thor's hammer for my Dad for 6 euros. 

Speaking of Cece ... we always buy our little pup some treats, and opted for a mini teddy. I had wanted to get her a Winnie the Pooh but the one I liked was far too big, so I went for Stitch. If you follow me on Snapchat, you may have seen My Story full of Cece playing with her new best buddy!

 One souvenir I was very impressed with was the jewellery range in the Disney clothes stores. They had Mickey birthstones rings for 20 euros, necklaces and other earrings. I chose these Tinkerbell drop earrings for 20 euros.
This Minnie Mouse pen was 6 euros ... I brought this for my sister as she'd asked for a pen, and I loved the Minnie ears on it!
I also brought her an Alice in Wonderland mug... she'd asked specifically for something Alice in Wonderland, and I quite liked the girly design of this one! The mugs ranged from 10 to 20 euros. 

I opted for the Disneyland Paris Spring design Tinkerbell mug... I absolutely adore it! Part of me nearly brought home Bambi & Flower too...
There were lots of little souvenirs to pick from too such as flavoured lollies... I loved the designs but didn't like any of the flavours that matched Mickey or Minnie! 

There was lots of gorgeous china ranges too. I loved this Minnie range. I also fell head over heels in the ornaments store for the Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan & Snow White ornaments! I'm planning on heading back Christmas time and I'll be doing some saving I think!
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