Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Odds & Ends; May

May; what a month you have been. This month felt like a proper whirlwind, and in April I had an idea it might. I got ahead with the little jobs such as link scheduling, pre-packing for trips such as Disney (always organised me!) and got ahead at my day job by tackling the mammoth task of report writing! I have also managed sort of to keep up with my favourite TV (I'm looking at you Game of Thrones!) which is a mini achievement. Last week I also got a new job so champagne all round!

After all the mayhem of Disneyland Paris, here's Cece chilling the day after we returned... she was pleased at our return! As this is published, I'll be down in Dorset after visiting Bath too. This month's been a good one for mini breaks!

Fun Articles;

♥  These lipsticks I cannot decide are genius or gross! 
♥ Would you have 1100 cats at your wedding?! 
♥ If you watched Game of Thrones last week you'll get this link!  

Blog Love; 
♥ I've followed the blog The Freckled Fox for as long as I can remember. I've been following along Martin's story for the past year, so after reading this hope for martin post, I'm sending lots of love & thoughts. 
♥ I loved Amy's 5 must dos at Disneyland Paris and was pleased to see some of the activities I got up to I'd checked off her list! Didn't go on Ratatouille though! 
♥ Loving all the wisteria & gorgeousness of this post! 
♥ Charlotte's post on bringing spring inside ... yes yes and yes. 

June Goals; 
♥ Go to Blogtacular  ♥ Start cooking/baking again ♥ Eat healthier & try and exercise a little bit more than May! ♥ Keep up with the Social Media of this blog. ♥ Read 3 books ♥ Plan summer trips ♥ Enjoy my last term at school ♥ Go and see X Men Apocalypse ♥ Make over the garden. 

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