Sunday, 1 May 2016

The Catherine Wreath DIY

The first wreath DIY I ever attempted was the above Catherine wreath. I had been eyeing up the bouquet on Bloom and Wild for ages, then decided it was time to treat myself and order the hand tied bouquet... although the Catherine is no longer available (as I ordered and reviewed the bouquet last October!) there are two other hand tied bouquets which I'm sure would look just as gorgeous and make a perfect Spring wreath... my current lust is The Luna bouquet!
I honestly have no previous floristry experience, other than attending the Flowers Do That event two years ago, and learning that you should cut stems at an angle! I pulled apart a few stems, including the leaves, then pushed them gently into the oasis. There is a lot more foliage than blooms in the wreath, but I personally prefer it that way! The roses were especially heavy, which put me off using more than 1, and looking at the finished product, one rose has more effect than multiple roses!
And the best part... look how much of the bouquet I had left to fill my other vases with...

 I absolutely adore Bloom & Wild flowers... they always last far longer than what they say, and look stunning. So now, I just need to decide what bouquet I'd like for Spring and the DIY to go with it! Maybe a flower crown?!

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