Tuesday, 14 June 2016


I spotted a Calm whilst shopping in Urban Outfitters the other week ... I had a quick flick through, was intrigued but left it, to then get straight home and order it! The book is divided into 8 sections; nature, sleep, travel, relationships, work, children, creativity and food. The book is perfect for creatives and has lots of opportunities to journal in the book and document ideas and thoughts. 

The book has a wide range of suggestions for how to calm yourself some I was already doing such as flower pressing and aiming to keep my commute interesting. My favourite tip I took from the book was changing my password to something uplifting/inspiring and writing down family memories - something I have never thought to do even though I spend a lot of time writing all sorts! 

I'm so pleased that picked up the book to read, but now I just need to download the Calm app and look around that! 

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