Thursday, 2 June 2016

Planet Hollywood; Disney Edition

 There is a long running joke amongst my family... my Dad has never ever been to Planet Hollywood, yet everyone else in my family seems to have meals there except him. So where did we end up for our meal in Disney? Planet Hollywood! The restaurant was the first thing I spotted that morning as the door is a huge planet with an upwards staircase to the restaurant!
I was straight on the cocktails just like the first and second time I went to Planet Hollywood; this one was called Indecent Proposal! 
 For starters we ordered Nachos to share... at first we thought the basket looked small but looks can definitely be deceiving as we were struggling to finish it!
 For the mains we ordered bbq burger (rare ... yes!) and chips,
 & the enchiladas
Below is the moment 'History' came on the tv and I was unable to FaceTime my sister which I normally end up doing when the song comes on... damn no signal! 
 Our meal overall came to 55 euros as we had a 20% off our meal ticket from Harry Shaw! We were suitably stuffed by that point then went straight to get on Indiana Jones with our fast tracks!

What Disney restaurants have you dined in? I'm looking for maybe a new restaurant to try when I go back in December! 
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