Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Rent a Bridesmaid & Katy

As a child I absolutely adored Jacqueline Wilson's stories - I would go home from school, and go to the local co - op with my pocket money and buy a book whenever a new one was released (they used to be on a special stand!) My favourites were The Illustrated Mum, Double Act and Tracey Beaker!
 I am a huge lover of children's books now even though I'm in my twenties, my job aids that love where I get to read old favourites on a daily basis (I'm looking at you, we're going on a bear hunt!)

I saw an opportunity from Bloggers Required, from one of my all time favourite authors; Jacqueline Wilson to review two of her new books; Rent a Bridesmaid & Katy - I jumped at the chance to relive some childhood memories of reading!

Katy is a book I can relate to on so many levels. An older sister who was very active - the difference being I haven't been in a serious car accident. But I have had to deal with serious situations, and this book does a fantastic job at exploring adult themed tragedies, but making it relatable for younger children to understand. The understanding of life lessons, and exploration of themes such as being brave, bold and smart are good underlying themes to have in a story when dealing with sensitive issues. If the classes I taught were older at school, I'd definitely be linking in some circle time with the plot!

Rent a Bridesmaid is the story of a girl called Tilly, who lives with her father after her mother has left. Tilly wishes nothing more than to be a bridesmaid for her mum and dad, and hopes they'll get back together and live happily ever after. Tilly has a best friend called Matty who is asked to be a bridesmaid; she begins daydreaming about being a bridesmaid and soon puts her advert up to be a rent a bridesmaid. The story continues discovering the people she'd meet. I enjoyed the background themes such as losing a parent through a break up, and Tilly's feelings and daydreams. Although I enjoyed Katy much more (maybe because I'm grown up now and can relate more to loss than being a bridesmaid!) I'd say Rent a Bridesmaid would be popular for younger girls, to the point I could read this to my class now who are relatively young and have discussions on it. Also - the hot pink cover!

Now, I'm off to go eye up some other releases between the uni time lapse of me not reading Jacqueline Wilson stories! I'd love to know what Jacqueline Wilson books you love!

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