Wednesday, 22 June 2016

St Johns Jerusalem

St John's Jerusalem is a National Trust Property, in Sutton at Hone in Kent; I used to live a two minute walk from this property, and it took 2 years to find the time to go and visit it (and nearly a year to write this post!), and boy we were missing out! It's located off a track from the main road, and includes a chapel, gardens and riverside walks. I loved the lavender ... not so much the bees though! I also answered a two year mystery figuring out that the green barn like building is also a part of St Johns Jerusalem... on walking Cece to the river, I can always see that barn but never knew where it was from another route! It costs £2.20 to visit for Adults, and is only open on Wednesday afternoons from April to October. For more information look on the National Trust website here. I'll definitely be making a return visit this summer and am looking to visit more National Trust properties, so any recommendations I would love to hear! 

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