Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Wildflower - Drew Barrymore

Since the age of 8 I have loved Drew Barrymore; Charlie's Angels was a film that I loved and from that point on, Drew Barrymore films were a must watch for me. I remember watching Never Been Kissed soon after (wayyyyyy before the 12 age rating, whoops!) and loving Drew more and more. Fast forward 16 years and that love is still going strong; when Abi on Broad City does her Drew Barrymore impression, my face does the XD emoji face (does that even make sense?!).

I do not normally pre-order books, but Wildflower by Drew Barrymore was one I needed the moment it came out. I read the book soon after in a few sittings and the book is now sitting in my living room, pride of place with my favourite books. I loved Drew's style of writing and learning lots of little snippets of her life. The book felt real. It was so humbling to hear of Drew's life now, and her ambition, and family life. If you're a fan, buy this book!

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