Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Barkbeats Box for Cece

The lovely team over at Barkbeats sent over some blogger mail for Cece last week! I love receiving mail, especially boxes to review, and so to get a box for my pup was very exciting ... as you can see by the above photos... Cece knew that box was for her!

The Barkbeats box was the June edition and this is what was inside...
A Bowl Squeeze from Georplast ... I already have one of these for Cece but I love the colour of this, and these are always handy to have when going on long walks or taking Cece to the beach!
Skinneeez have a wide range of animal toys, and we received an Owl to play with ... Cece loves the owl nearly as much as she loves her penguin & Freddo toy!! 
We also received a Petuky Ham Bone which I am glad of, as we've never bought Cece a bone, and this is 100% natural. 
It's the summer, so an ice cream definitely would not go a miss! And this Cookie Ice Cream by Hov Hov Bakery looks delicious (but is not chocolate, but deer meet, eggs and olive oil - sounds good for a dog though!) Their website basically looks like a dog bakery dream!! 
These Mollys Tomato treats smelt like a spaghetti bolognese pasta and Cece loves them! 
I feel after receiving this doggy herbal tea, me and Cece can be right on par together! 

A huge thank you to Barkbeats for sending over a box for Cece ... she's loved all her gifts and I enjoyed opening them! 


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