Sunday, 10 July 2016

Creating a Bird Friendly Garden with Ivel Valley

I am count count counting those days down until the summer, and one of my biggest to do's on my preparation for summer list is to get the garden ready for the summer season. I've been collating a wish list of everything from outdoor fairy solar lighting to a swimming pool/ inflatable hot tub (if only I had those funds!) to make my garden a nice place to chill in.

To help get my garden nature ready the lovely folks over at Ivel Valley* sent me over some bird feeding goodies from their Ready Peck range to try out; each is made from 5 key ingredients - suet, oats, seed, nuts & fruit or insects. I already have two bird boxes (with no bird's nests in yet *sob*) and a bird feeder; on my to buy list is a bird table and bird bath, alongside some flower bird ceramic feeders!

One of the biggest pro's I found of Ivel Valley, is the sustainable packaging options the range comes in offering re-usable storage containers (which if anything make it easier... I have been at the wrong end of a massive bag of bird seed spilling open across my family's garage before! Tubs = less mess!) and the family farm is based in Ivel Valley with items being created and packed mainly on site hugely benefiting the environment!  I tried out the Seed Feeder Mix * which came in a reusable container, and is high energy, low waste and no wheat and took 5 years to develop; this was an easy mix to place out as it pops straight into a seed feeder which I'm sure I got from Wilkinsons for less than a pound!

I was also sent Suet Pellets in Apple*(available in 2kg-20kg bags) and Suet Balls Insect & Mealworm * (available in 6s to packs of 400) ; for these two items, I struggled to place them in my garden as the pellets need a mesh feeder, which I don't have (although I really should invest now!) & the suet balls need a suet feeder or bird table; this has inspired me to buy a bird table, however in the mean time I improved and used one of my much loved wildflower growing pots, and placed it over the fence underneath trees towering over from next door where birds are constantly flying in and out!
I love the apple pellets the most as they contain real fruit, are a gorgeous pastel colour and also on the Ivel Valley website, they have a berry version too! Only I would go that in-depth trying to colour co-ordinate and Instagram colour palette my bird food!

So next on my to do, alongside decorating the garden is to snap some lovely birds that this food brings! As soon as I get some shots, keep your eyes peeled for an update post/copious instagram shots! Thank you so much to the team at Ivel Valley for the food!

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