Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Currently Loving...


  1. The eucalyptus plants I have, and getting ideas and inspiration for summer floral projects. 
  2. Eating a trio of desserts and having lots of laughs at my families house. 
  3. Support & advice from close friends, including lots of quotes and fate vs create your own destiny chats. (Fate is being favoured, but the #GIRLBOSS in me is going with create your own destiny!) 
  4. Reading Laura Jane's Becoming and then reading this really effin powerful blog post by her and feeling in 
  5. awe/inspired. 
  6. Having time to think. 
  7. Listening to Beyonce after seeing her on tour. 
  8. Being recommended new Motown artists to listen to... my favourite being Marv Johnson. 
  9. Getting far too excited that Now You See Me 2 is in the cinemas (and Daniel Radcliffe is in it!) and Bridget Jones Baby (cue marathon watching the 1st two now!) 
  10. Spending the last few weeks with my current class, and being excited for my new class/job next year. 
  11. Planning in my new Kate Spade spiral notebook. 
  12. Scheduling driving lessons. 
  13. Getting the lovely feedback you lot give me on this blog and across social media. 
  14. Recovering from being ill, and beginning to feel better. 
  15. Writing out memories. 
  16. My new Kylie lip kit and the gorgeous colour it is!
What are you currently loving? 

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