Friday, 15 July 2016

Mini Summer Bucket List

I love a to do list; I spend good chunks of my day writing them and even my blog planner has sections for daily to do's. With summer coming up, and being a teacher I wanted to make a nice long list of everything I want to achieve this summer be it little tasks to bigger goals.  

☀ Attend the Blogosphere Summer Party & Big Blogger Expo

☀ Write all my recipes & cocktail recipes on recipe cards and store in my box I brought at Christmas. 

☀ Keep going to the gym & aim to lose at least a stone. 

 Go to Columbia Road Flower market and buy sunflowers (carrying that one over from last year... whoops!) 

☀ Get my new classroom ready early on so I can enjoy my summer! 

☀ Go Wild Swimming.

☀ Visit Margate.

☀ Cook this chicken recipe. 

☀ Go on a picnic. 

☀ Go berry picking; make crumble, cider & wine. 

☀ See family & friends that I haven't seen in a while. 

☀ Finish reading all un-read books for the past year then donate! 

☀ Tie die a dress. 

☀ Create marble coasters. 

☀ Wear my whole summer wardrobe. 

☀ Have a bonfire. 

☀ Learn to rollerskate. 

☀ Go Trampolining. 

☀ Pick Wildflowers 

What is on your summer bucket list? 

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