Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Hop Shop, Lavender & Castle Farm

When I was exploring shoreham last weekend, I finally stumbled across The Hop Shop; fields of lavender and hops surrounded The Hop Shop, alongside seating areas, guided tours and a lovely little shop!

In the shop you could buy everything from fresh food, frozen food (including frozen baked goods such as croissants!), lavender themed EVERYTHING from tea, beauty, food and floral goods, gifts and home furnishings. Here is a little peek into what I spent (which came ot a not so whopping £24!) 

A bunch of lavender cost £3 - 5 ... I brought the £3 bunch and honestly there was SO MUCH lavender in it... after buying a small bunch of Whitstable Lavender last year and it filling 1 vase (that is still going strong now!) ... the Hop Shop bunch has filled two large kilner jars, the Gisella Graham vase that I brought above, and two mini vases so is ultimate good value for money! The farm's apple juice is a definite must buy which comes in a variety of sizes, and I'm a tad gutted I didn't stock up! We brought some cheese and ham as well as salsa which we tested out in the shop and fell in love with the taste! I brought a little lavender bag for 80p to stick in my wardrobe and 3 lavender tea bags for £1 from a pick and mix selection including morning boost & peppermint. I also brought some lavender fudge for £2.15

I'll definitely be going back, especially to go on a tour of the lavender fields... if you want to go this year, their Facebook says they are coming to an end this weekend!  You can shop online too (which I am overjoyed by!) ... I'm feeling an autumn visit is on the cards when pumpkins will be there too!


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