Wednesday, 31 August 2016

24 Clutch Bags to Fall In Love With

From novelty to sophisticated, I BLOODY LOVE CLUTCH BAGS! I have far too many clutches already that I've collected over the years, and struggle to part with them! I've rounded up my favourite clutches from a range of brands from high street to designer!

Kate Spade; my go to for all things clutch bag. Each season, I always end up scouring the Kate Spade site, searching for a gorgeous new design. I've loved last seasons floral & nature theme with watering can clutches a plenty! From the current stock, my ultimate favourite must have has to be the mix tape clutch bag (it will be mine soon!). They've just launched some Minnie mouse themed goods, and the glitter clutch is beautiful and would make for a stunning ootd in Paris! The Perfect Match & i+u clutch are part of the wedding belles collection; I'm thinking alternative bouquets for bridesmaids here! The tiki bar is perfect for the end of summer & the kitty cat would be perfect for a halloween-inspired outfit/everyday chic. 

Skinny Dip is pure novelty gold with a  load of sass added in. My first love was the coveted milk bottle bag, followed by the orange juice carton. The bee clutch is one of my favourites, even though I'm not the biggest fan of box clutches! The lobster caviar is a stand out for me as it is so unusual, bright & colourful! 

New Look when I was searching New Look for clutches I liked, I ended up bookmarking loads... there are so many clutches available on New Look all for a bargain price! As you may notice, I loved a bit of leopard print during my search, alongside some gatsby-esque inspired pieces.  

Selfridges have such a fantastic variety of high end clutches. I love glitter, and I appreciate winter seasons so much more than summer due to the acceptance of all the glitter! The First Aid clutch, really stood out to me as a statement piece as well as being a Boss Lady with the speech clutch #girlboss ! I also loved the YSL Black Glitter clutch, as a day or night time bag. 

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