Monday, 22 August 2016

A Simple Fine Motor Skills Activity

Shopping & being a teacher I find especially dangerous regarding my lack of self of control & bank balance - I know I'm not alone in saying it's so easy to spot things whilst out and about and think 'that'd be great for my class'. At the beginning of my NQT year, I was spending loads, luckily I've found myself better with my teacher spending habits!

This one is a really cheap DIY activity to create: I was walking around Hobbycraft and came across plastic coloured tubes for £1, and picked them up - I know a lot of fine motor skills activities can involve using tweezers to pick up sticks, or threading pasta on string - pasta on string I find is usually quite big, and I would say these tubes are the upgrade to that (and more of a challenge for year 1 fine motor skills!)

I've cut some old knitting yarn in strips (not too long) and placed the tubes in a container. The aim of the game to thread as many tubes on the string in x amount of time, or to thread 4 tubes. You could also link some pattern making into this, and ask for specific colour patterns.

For a cost of £1 + string/yarn - a nice cheap DIY activity!

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