Tuesday, 2 August 2016

All About the Hype by Jessie Jefferson

All About The Hype* is the third in a series of books by Paige Toon which follows the life of Jessie Jefferson.  The book follows Jessie's glamorous LA life and music career, but then love triangles and complications are thrown into the mix. This book is perfect for teenagers or I'd say those that love a bit of light, chick-lit drama a la Gossip Girl style!  

The book addresses lots of different storylines and themes, the one I enjoyed the most and found kept me reading for more was the family theme, and Jessie's thoughts of her mother. 

I loved reading this book, I just wish I'd read the first two books first, as judging by the glowing reviews, the whole series is a gripping, must-read! 

Have you read Paige Toon's series? What did you think? 

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