Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Beginning of Summer School Buys

Even though it's the Summer Holidays, it doesn't stop me from buying odds and ends for next year's class! Our first topic is Muck, Mess & Mixtures (it's a Cornerstones topic if any of you lovely people use Cornerstone say hi!) and one of the key texts is George's Marvellous Medicine. The cushion cover I found on eBay, as  I brought a similar Matilda cushion cover last year, which cost around £6 and the book was £6 in WHSmiths but you can find cheaper on Amazon here. The Gruffalo Rhyming Game I found on eBay for £4 and am intending on using it to track rhyming words from ELGs to Year 1 as a Guided Reading independent activity for Term 1; I read The Gruffalo to my new class on transition day and they knew the story well, so figured picking a story they knew would settle them in a that little bit easier! 

The Focus Boards are from PTS (Primary Teaching Services) and come in a range of colours; I already owned a green and blue one which I used to put next step instructions in, or used to display work. This year I want to use them for different group targets and my new class has coloured pencil pots and trays in matching colours, so I ordered purple, red and yellow to match and make a set of 5! I'm planning on sharing a lot of my next step, mastery and targets throughout next year, so if you're planning on following along on this blog, you'll see a lot of them over the next year! 

Last, from PTS again, a personalised stamper. One of my displays is 'Work to Be Proud Of' - I tried this last year but unfortunately it was underused and unseen a lot of the year. My new classroom is very child and parent friendly (huge windows, means a lot of light and viewing for displays), and on my Work to Be Proud Of display I have 3 laminated sheets ready to blu tack up work from books on a weekly basis, and to correlate with that I wanted something to mark it in the books - If there is a time saving short cut, I'm all for it and this stamp I thought was an easy way to celebrate successes in the books. I brought a personalised stamp last year saying 'Miss Morgans Says Excellent Effort' and I used it a lot on homework and topic work last year! 

Expect another haul later this summer - I'm on the lookout for Reception style outdoor area furniture and updated toys and bargains to fill my new class with! 
Now what I really want to know is what are you buying in preparation for September? 
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