Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Cereal Killer Cafe Brick Lane Take 2

I've been to Cereal Killer Cafe before , and loved going to eat one of my favourite meals cereal! On Sunday, breakfast being the most important meal of the day was vital for my never ending "to visit" list, so en route to Columbia Road Flower Market, stopped by Brick Lane for breakfast. I looked at the menu in advance, and saw they now have cereal cocktails, so was sold that was what I would be having; I picked Shooty Shooty Bang Bang which was Krave, magic stars, popping candy, and white chocolate milk - it was delicious x1million and Miss American Pie had applejacks, cinnamon cheerios and whipped cream with custard milk. I love the selection they have, on top of the decor which is now improved including a childhood bedroom downstairs with beds, teletubbies bedding, videos and cuttings from Smash Hits on the walls - something I still do now except with fashion magazines or NME! The cafe itself was packed, and the shot of the downstairs was a lucky stumble of being the first in the queue before it got super busy as it was market day!
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