Friday, 12 August 2016

Gods Own Junkyard

It's Friday, and if there is one place you should visit it is Gods Own Junkyard. I read about this place a while ago, and after lusting after visiting the Las Vegas Neon Museum for years, I knew this London gem had to be visited, and honestly I want to go back and then back again!

The junkyard is located on Shernall Street, near Walthamstow Central station. Set in a relatively residential area. The idea behind Gods Own Junkyard was Chris Bracey, who designs and creates neon lights, and has created pieces that have been showcased in films for an array of stars. Sadly, Chris passed away in 2014 after battling prostate cancer, but his lifetime work lives on through Gods Own Junkyard, and reading all the of the heartfelt comments and the amazing £4000+ raised through the Just Giving page for Prostate Cancer is amazing - if you visit/ want to donate you can find the link here.

The junkyard and Rolling Scones Cafe is open Friday, Saturday and Sundays, oh & entry is free ; I'm planning a visit back during the winter months in the evening/ planning very far ahead, and thinking of a birthday rendezvous here, as sitting on the sofas, listening to 50s music and looking at all the lights was just immense.

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