Thursday, 4 August 2016

Lullingstone Country Park in Shoreham

Today we hopped on a train with Cece to Eynsford, then walked for twenty minutes from the station to Lullingstone Country Park. We saw the park on our trip to the Lavender farm as they are literally next to each other, so made the most of today's nice weather (bar a few rain showers) to have a little explore.

At the front of the park is an information centre with cafe and shop full of lovely little wares. There is a car park and picnic area. Then you have to pick which trail to go on. We picked the Woodland Walk which was approximately 1 hour long, and took you through the woods, and wildflower fields. Mid way, we found a zip wire, and there are lots of child friendly benches, stop offs and carvings.

We packed a picnic and frozen water bottles, along with the camera and got walking.  The Woodland Trail takes you up the side of the lavender fields (hence the photo of Cece - success at last trying to get the dog to look at a camera lens!) which made for a nice walk!

Next time, we are hoping to go back and try the Lullingstone Loop which takes around 2 hours, and covers a lot of the grounds!

Do you have any dog friendly, close to train station hotspots we could try with Cece? Leave them in the comments or tweet me!

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