Monday, 22 August 2016

Manuka Doctor ApiRefine Gold Dust Firming Serum

If anyone knows me IRL, they'll know I have a little bit of a celebrity obsession with the Kardashians, and my favourite is Kourtney... so when Kourtney became the new brand ambassador for Manuka Doctor I ended up having a peek into their products. Manuka Doctor is not a brand I've used before, but I've seen pop up every now and again across some of my favourite beauty blogs. I looked into lots of products, and read reviews on beauty blogs and across the Manuka Doctor site, and one product that kept catching my eye was the Gold Dust Firming Serum. It costs £29.99, but I've noticed Manuka Doctor run offers all the time on their website, alongside offering loyalty cashback on some purchases (currently it is £2.90 back on the Manuka Doctor website for this item!). I haven't got any serums in my beauty regime at the moment, so that was part of the reason for picking it. Two of the main key products are manuka honey and bee venom and the mix promotes younger looking skin, reduction of fine lines/wrinkles and help to illuminate the skin. I haven't used the serum long enough to say it's reduced any fine lines I may have (luckily I do not have any wrinkles yet *touch wood*) but what I can say is the smell of the serum is absolutely gorgeous. I think it is brilliant value for money as one pump covers the whole face and it really is illuminating. Some serums I've used before are heavy and/or sticky but I don't have that problem with this one whatsoever! Whilst linking to this post, I noticed one review on Manuka Doctor said that they use it as a primer... so I'll be trying that tomorrow! 

Have you ever used Manuka Doctor? If so, what are your must have products? 

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