Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Mini Year 1 Book Haul

The other day, I tweeted my shopping addiction - I honestly cannot help buying things I think my class will like whilst out and about. I brought these three books from The Works on offer for 3 for £5. Count to 10 with a Mouse caught my eye first, because counting is one of my first maths lessons planned for the year - I thought linking a text with maths will be a nice starter to a lesson and be an easy settling starter. Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush is a nursery rhyme book filled with classic rhymes - I brought this as I love singing in class, and as part of my timetable, have scheduled two 10 minute music sessions, so nursery rhymes would be a good filler for this! Finally, Dogs Don't Do Ballet was a bit of an impulse pick, as I love a silly story and as I was reading, I was hooked, so I knew this would be a funny read for my class!

What stories do you love reading to your class?

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