Thursday, 11 August 2016

Talk for Writing ; Beegu

The second story that I drew a story map for was Beegu; I adore this story of the cute little alien. I brought a Beegu to help tell the story too off of eBay from a seller who knits characters...

(really cute - unfortunately has to be kept hidden from my Yorkshire Terrier who desperately wants to keep Beegu as a toy!) 

As for the story map; looking back, this could be made a bit more child friendly however, Beegu is a longer book than say We're Going on A Bear Hunt with more to remember and my aim for Year 1 was for them to get the main plot and feelings of the story as we were using the feelings especially to write a letter to Beegu as part of our extended writing.

Do you use Talk for Writing? If so, share ideas, resource links or even requests for story maps below!  

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