Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Lush Jelly On a Plate

The one product, I genuinely never thought I would fall in love with from Lush is their shower jelly's; I'm not a fan of jelly like products or balms, or generally things you re-use (don't even get me started on the etiquette fails I feel watching people share cutlery or straws!). When I saw the Needles & Pines Shower jelly last year, I picked up a tub, unsure whether I would like it but I was hooked on the smell. I've used it again and again, and soon starting loving the product more and more. You get so many uses out of these jellies, and the price is well worth the length I've kept my jellies. 

Then I was reading one day, you should store the shower jelly's in the fridge (I clearly do not read packaging properly!) and started looking up other shower jelly's I might like to try. 

After a lot of scent testing, and product research, these three are my favourites. Recently, since working out in the mornings, I've been leaning towards showers a lot more, and these are brilliant to 
  1. Needles & Pines ; all year round Christmas cabin loving. 
  2. Whoosh ; citrus fresh heaven. 
  3. 93,000 Miles; cinnamon heat, with a reviving zing. 
 On top of the gorgeous scents, I love the colours ... I wish I could keep them on my Kate Spade dish all the time! 

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The Last Act of Love

The Last Act of Love kept cropping up every now and again on bookstore shelves recommendations, in blogger newsletters and Instagram feeds, and last week I hit buy and Friday it was delivered. Saturday afternoon, I sauntered upstairs to start reading, and by the time The Last Night of the Proms had finished, I had finished the book, with tears streaming down my eyes. I can relate to Cathy's writing, feelings and life on so many levels, and then not relate on other levels. Some experiences Cathy went through, brought back floods of my own memories and thoughts. It's opened my eyes to a lot that happens in the world and the way different situations are percieved. It makes me wonder what other people think about grief, and how others cope in hard situations. It is a book, I feel everyone should read no matter how old, young, battered or bruised from hard situations. 

The diary style, linked with newspaper reports and statements made me feel like I was a fly on the wall watching everything unfold. I felt so much emotion reading this story, and there is a reason I couldn't put it down! All I can say is, this book is a must read.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Roald Dahl Museum & Story Centre

I've wanted to visit the Roald Dahl Museum & Story Centre for over a year, and in the run up to the upcoming Roald Dahl day this September, I knew this summer I had to go! It is so easily accessible by train - 40 minutes from London Marylebone, and relatively cheap travel too, and the centre is a short walk from the station.  Entry was £6... and if you travel by train you can use the 2 for 1 days out offer. I loved the centre. It is definitely aimed at children, but there is still lots for adults to do too. The centre as well as having so many different informative sections, facts and artefacts from Roald Dahl's life had lots of events for children such as creating dream jars and story telling sessions running throughout the day. There are lots of dressing up sections, art sections and interactive corners. My favourite parts were standing inside Roald Dahl's actual writing hut... I especially loved the retro phone & huge ashtray as it reminds me of my childhood family homes with all the retro homeware! I also did not know that his favourite lunch was Prawns and Lettuce (personally I find it gross but quirky at the same time...we all have our thing right?!) There was a quirky little Cafe Twit, and a gift shop too where I picked up some postcards but easily could've come home with cushions, flannels, books, keyrings and pencils! 

If it ever fitted into a topic, I would LOVE to bring my class here. I'd visit the museum, and complete the town trail (really easy to complete as it is on the same street) and countryside trail ... maps provided outside the centre! 

The Harper by Bloom & Wild

Last month, I decided to treat myself to a monthly rolling subscription to Bloom & Wild flowers. I often order from Bloom & Wild, and decided that after having heart eyed emoji face after The Harper bouquet for a long time, maybe it'd be a nice way to start the teaching year to have a monthly delivery of flowers to look forward to, for a good subscription price!

The Harper is a gorgeous blush bouquet. As a delivery, this bouquet saw roses become my favourite! When I assembled the bouquet in my glass vase (£3 from Asda bargain!) ... I wasn't sure I was happy with my result, but as the flowers bloomed, I loved the bouquet more and more.

My next bouquet is going to be a total surprise, and I can't wait to see what Bloom & Wild send me. I'll be posting each bouquet each month, so keep your eyes peeled if you love flowers like me!

Also if you would like £10 off your first order, click this link or enter ' Jess Morgans ' in the promo code box at the checkout for you to receive a £10!

Sunday, 11 September 2016

#JessXKiss at Soho Hotel

Last week, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the launch of Kiss Nails & Lashes at the Soho Hotel in London. I rushed from work to meet Jade & we headed for the hotel. The event was held in one of the suites in the hotel, and from the moment we stepped inside we were wowed with the gorgeousness of the entire place including the marble toilets! It was a perfect venue! As we exited the lift, & found the suite where the event was taking place, we were welcomed inside by the Alex Silver PR Team with drinks, guest book signing and information on what was happening in each room. One room was dedicated to nails and the other to lashes. Jessica Wright soon came out and gave a speech about herself being brand ambassador and thanking us all for coming... she looked amazing in her outfit! I need her hair too!! 
  We opted to wait for lashes first ... I picked on MUA Danny's recommendation a full lash which had three layers to it! I chatted away to Jade, Chelsey & Amanda. Whilst waiting, we snapped photographs, ate all the canap├ęs coming around ... I tried Tempura and thoroughly enjoyed the fish & chips minis that came around. Then we went for our nails... I've included a snap of the nails I picked and at work the next day I got so many compliments on them! I picked nude nails with glitter, but I fell head over heels for the black & turquoise glitter ones too! I am saving wearing them for my Christmas Party as they are stunning. I do not generally wear false nails & have only ever had my nails done once before, but these I love and from the gift bag, I've packed away so many for different occasions now! 

Thank you so much to Kiss for inviting me, I had such a brilliant evening and it was well worth breaking a rule and going out on a 'school night' (being a teacher and that!). I can't wait to get my lashes & nails back on too! 

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