Thursday, 1 September 2016

7 Ways to Prep for A New School Year

It is now September (where has that summer gone?!?!?!?!) & with one weekend left of the six week holidays for most, I thought I'd share my top ways I prep for a new school year. Obviously this is not a definitive guide, plus you could do whatever the hell you wish and I am no expert who certainly does not have her life together, but just a few potentially helpful tips to help along the way!
  1. Plan in advance, but not too far in advance; I love being organised in the new school year but with a new class there is only so much you can do. In my first year, I planned far ahead then ended up spending just as much time changing and adapting anyway! 
  2. Meal Plan! ; I spend an hour on the weekend pre-cooking as much as possible. It either goes that I eat home-cooked meals or takeaways and I'd much rather be eating healthier, warming meals! By pre-cooking, when I return home after a day at work, it makes my evening routine so much easier! 
  3. Lookup resources & get downloading; get some inspiration from social media, Twinkl, TES or wherever it is you find your resources! Download, print, maybe even laminate pre- start of the year where possible. 
  4. Organise your media; one of my worst tasks but most satisfying this summer was organising all my media. This included my USB Stick, laptop files, social media messages, Pinterest boards & e-mails. Having a clear (ish) inbox is so much easier to keep on top of! 
  5. Find some inspiration; for me, it's browsing on Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter finding other teachers for support and inspiration. Find a way to keep yourself motivated! 
  6. Have things to look forward to; I am number one when it comes to back to school blues. I need to get in the swing then I feel back to my normal self again. But whilst the blues are getting to me, I always make sure there are things to look forward to - I've booked a few events to go to, scheduled some cinema dates and when I'll be spending time with my family & friends ... by seeing my diary filled with an even work/life balance makes me feel instantly happier! 
  7. Set goals; and by goals I mean personal goals. I'm writing a little list of things I'd like to achieve in my career this year. These do not include x sub-levels or a promotion, but more mini goals that I know I can work towards and keep me motivated! I'll be sharing them over on this space very soon! 
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