Friday, 9 September 2016

A Summer Lily's Kitchen Haul for Cece

With Cece, I am very very lucky *touch wood* that she does not cost me an arm and a leg in food - she is not fussy, she loves most things, and since buying the Lily's cookbook a few years  back and learning what 'human food' can be consumed by her, the cost of dog food bills has gone down as she often gets a mix of dinners that we have alongside her actual food! I popped an order through on Lily's as there is such a lovely new range out and I thought I'd share some finds on here today as I haven't blogged about Cece in a while! The tins have a new range of flavours including Sunday Lunch & Surf and Turf. Old favourites such as English Garden Party are back too! M'Hearties is also a new treat for dogs - mini cod treats in a re-usable tin. The tin, when it came is a tiny but you can give up to 3-5 treats a day, and Cece loves them - she goes actually crazy for them when I reach for the tin! 

What I'm looking forward to now... is a Lily's Christmas range! As long time readers may know, I've brought the advent a few years in a row now, and Cece loves her Christmas dinner from Lily's! 

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