Thursday, 8 September 2016

Aqua Mindfulness Love with #TetraTranquillity

 It's Thursday ... it's back to school week ... I'm knackered ... and so are many other people I know (thankfully not just me!). I am counting down the hours until the weekend, and ultimately so I can relax ... Friday night through to Sunday I am intending on doing nothing other than Netflix on the sofa and indulging in a few other favourite relaxing past times...

Ultimate Ways to Relax; 

✿ Swimming - something I rarely get to do though due to lack of swimming pools around, so it's the beach or when I'm in an area with a pool! I was hoping the paddling pool I have at my families' counts though (because who doesn't love donut inflatables!) 

✿ A cup of tea - no explanation needed! 

✿ Walking Cece 

✿ Taking a long bath, usually with a Lush bath bomb and odds and ends leftover from Christmas gift sets (being a teacher, I end up with lots of bath stuff!) 

✿ I actually quite love playing games - I normally switch off well with apps on my phone or PS4 games. Currently I'm loving (like the rest of the world!) Pokemon Go! 

✿ Painting my nails - a fresh coat always works a wonder! 

✿ Home cooked meals. 

✿ Taking 5 minutes to just rest without doing anything

✿ Reading. 

✿ Getting creative, making collages or finishing craft projects. 

✿ Cuddles with Cece and spending time with pets in general (including family cats, the pet tortoise, axolotls and fish!) 

Tetra sent me the Tetra Starter Line Aquarium* to add some extra relaxation into my 
life (it truly is much needed)! From the moment I started working with Tetra, I was so excited to get a little bit more blue into my life (and living room!) and went about planning the tank! The tank did not take up lots of room, and is perfect if you live in a small rental (like me) and have to pay rent and have to abide by lots of pet rules (like me - hello having to pay a double deposit for owning a dog!) and could easily fit anywhere from a living room to a child's room, or even a bathroom feature! Everything was easy from set up to getting the fish - the only tricky part is if you are photography obsessed like me, was photographing an animal that has a mind of its own and swims freely not having the patience to wait for a photograph! I'm even eyeing up more Tetra tanks as I'm thinking a class pet may be next on the list! 

Setting Up Your Tank; 

The Tetra Starter Line Aquarium took literally 10 minutes to set up from the moment we opened the box; 
  • The light clips straight into the lid. 
  • The filter has two sections, one for the heater and the other for cartridges (which are replaceable, and also with a spare in the box!) that filter the water. 
  • Once finished, pick ornaments and gravel/pebbles - we decorated with pebbles collected from many a beach trip this year, and a rock bridge ornament centre piece (I did nearly pick Spongebob Squarepants themed ornaments though!) 
  • We picked Tropical Fish for our tank so we used water straight from the tap for them to live in. 
  • Add 1/2 a bottle of Tetra Aquasafe (also included!) to the water to tak e the chlorine out of the water. 
  • Wait 72 hours for the tank to settle before putting the fish in - pet shops such as Pets at Home will not let you buy fish without a filter or a tank being set up for 3 days - this is to give you as the owner time to check for faults etc. In this time the tank may look cloudy - don't worry this will clear (even though it may look a tad odd for a while!)
  • Pick Your Fish - We picked two female bettas, two platys and two white tetras - they are all quite small at the moment, but I didn't want to get too many to begin with. 
I already have a tank at home, for the axolotls that I have, but honestly, I want to upgrade them to a Tetra Tank too - axolotls don't like light, so the light wouldn't be a pro for them, but it is definitely a pro for the fish tank! I actually love having the lights off, fairy lights on and fish tank light on (it shines blue light everywhere!). The main reason I'd love this tank for axolotls is the filter system, and the feeding hatch! It is so addictive sitting there fish spotting from above, and if it kept me amused, it would definitely keep children amused (& pets ... see Cece's snap at the bottom!) 

Today sees the launch of Tetra's exclusive underwater experience in Old Street Underground Station. It is open for only a week so if you fancy seeing a tranquility tank with exclusively designed aquatic landscapes, and fish a plenty, you need to hurry on down! I'll be visiting tonight after work (I'm always in need of some tranquillity!). Something I love about the event is that there will be information at hand for visitors to learn more about fish keeping and the products needed - so even though I've covered Tropical fish, if you fancied cold water fish or marine fish, they can give you advice to get you started! 

I would love to know if you decide to go to the pop up, feel free to tag/tweet me in any posts! I'll be featuring a post on the pop up, so would love to feature as many snaps as possible in from other readers! 

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Tetra - I love my new fish... Cece loves the new fish! And I can't wait to see the pop up later tonight! 
Do you have a fish tank ... I'd love to know what fish you've decided to keep! My next goal, is Jellyfish (ambitious, but wanted them for years now!) 
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