Friday, 2 September 2016

It's Friday I'm in Love

Hello lovely blog readers! I thought I'd bring back an oldie which I loved writing on my old Dear Wildflower/Sitting Pretty days time of the blog, which is Friday I'm in Love! I'm not sure how often I'll share this listicle style post, but as I've introduced it on my education blog, I realised I missed writing it so here it is again; a collection of links, memes and other news! 

Currently loving; 
♥ How hyped everyone is for Autumn!

♥ Halloween ideas: Disney Princesses costumes you can buy in the shops from Cosmopolitan online - I want all the outfits!

♥ Kourtney K's Cosmo cover for October is fit fit FIT! I'll be buying two copies! 

♥ I'm currently seriously loving podcasts, and Ctrl Alt Delete is my favourite!

♥ Modern Family re-runs - I need my children to be like Lily! 

Weight Loss LOLZ ; 

Really had no clue what to subtitle that one! I've started back on the dieting / getting healthy bandwagon. I'm actually feeling good and am doing well. I've opted to go back to Slimfast, which I love as meal substitutes, its just the snacking I find hard sometimes and I really can't watch Bake Off especially the gorgeousness of biscuit week without wanting to cave in! I thought I'd share a collection of funny moments and pics from the week ... I basically am Pam in my everyday life... 
(picture taken from GavStaceyReacts account) 
♥ Discovering Cafe Latte slimfast - I am currently addicted to Starbucks Coffee Frapps after a lifetime of hating coffee and now I can slim whilst drinking a cold coffee drink!

♥ Doing my exercise including a day of walking on Wednesday, then going out to reach my 15k Fitbit goal, and then my Primark jeggings tearing because they were so worn down from walking equaling a quick trip in my sisters joggers to Asda for emergency jeans /trousers - on the plus side I fitted into a Size 14 trouser *goodbye size 16s* !

♥ Crosstraining to Drake tunes!

♥ Taking 'before' photos - just #killmenow

♥ Freaking out at how nine chips equals a portion, and then snapping it and sending to my family. Turns out my portion control was unreal!

 One thing I've genuinely loved though is joining the Slimfast UK Facebook group. There is so much support, recipe ideas and general cheerleading from all members which is lovely, and actually has kept me motivated this week to stick to it! This photo I took from the group - 16 weeks until Christmas and a little breakdown of what could be lost!

Epic News; 
(image taken from internet) 
One of my best friends got engaged the other day whilst in America (her ring is actually IMMENSE!)  and I am so happy for her it's unreal (I'd been stalking holiday snaps and Facebook feeds waiting for an announcement!) And to top it off, we are now talking Kardashian wedding style and she compared me to Kylie in the things I do, which actually made my freaking day............ 
Oh how I love Whatsapp and emoji spam!


♥ Back to work today and I'm actually quite happy to be getting back into the swing of a normal routine! 

♥ Buying Cece new foods to try from Lily's Kitchen. 

♥ Ex on the Beach ... I don't know if I love or hate Bear! 

♥ Bridget Jones Baby is coming out soon! so happy for this! 

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